BJJ India is the brainchild of Arun Sharma, Mission of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu India Is To Promote and Spread Authentic BJJ In India. 

Arun Sharma is a 3 Stripe BJJ Purple Belt (Red Band) Instructor Under 4th Degree BJJ Black Belt Professor Rodrigo Teixeira under the lineage of Carlos Gracie, Alvaro Barreto & Pedro Carvalho.

Professor Rodrigo Teixeira is Multiple Times World Champion, He Trains some of the best UFC Fighters around the world. Professor trains with Rickson Gracie, Kron Gracie, Alexandre Ribeiro. 

Arun Sharma is Senior Military & Law Enforcement Instructor, He Trains some of the most elite Army, Special Forces & Police Units.  Arun Sharma is Certified in JKD, Kali, BJJ & Shaolin Gong Fu From USA, Philippines, Brazil & China.

Arun Sharma With His teacher Professor Rodrigo Teixeira, 3rd Degree BJJ Black Belt From Brazil
Arun Sharma Teaching Indian Special Forces Commandos
Arun Sharma Teaching Seychelles Special Forces Tazars
Arun Sharma Teaching Women's Self Defense at Samsung

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