Eduardo Bezerra, BJJ Black Belt under Andre Galvao, Team ATOS, Brazil

"First of all i would like to thank Arun Sharma for inviting me at his academy for BJJ Seminars, Arun is a great student & teacher of the Art, i really aprreciate his efforts for spreading BJJ in India. His academy is very nice with friendly atmosphere & great people , i enjoyed teaching and hanging around with you guys, I love this place.


Kevin Dadik, BJJ Brown Belt under Tom Oberhue, USA
"I had the opportunity to train and teach at Arun's gym in Delhi and was extremely impressed by what I saw there. Arun is doing a great job of bringing very technical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to India with a well rounded program. He is both an excellent teacher who cares about his students' progress and a great student himself who is always looking for ways to better himself and his technique."

Ed Insull, BJJ Blue Belt under Roger Gracie, London, UK

"Whilst in Delhi, I was lucky enough to get to train BJJ with Arun Sharma at his fitness academy. Firstly, we worked through some technical aspects of Jiu Jitsu. I thought Arun's attention to detail was superb. His understanding of the mechanics of the body,and how they can best be utilised for maximum effectiveness, was also excellent. I learned a lot! After that we sparred. Good hard rolls, but technical and controlled throughout. It was a pleasure to come and train with Arun, I was made to feel completely welcome, and am already looking forward to my next time in Delhi."

Dean Evans, BJJ Blue Belt under Roger Gracie, London, UK

"Arun Sharma is a highly skilled Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioner and an excellent teacher. I am a regular visitor at his gym, every time we train & roll he got something new to share. If you go to India make sure you look him up.

Officer Gerry Boniface, Special Forces, Seychelles

"Arun Sharma trained the entire troop of Tazars (Seychelles Special Forces), the training he provided was fantastic & suitable for our on-field operations. It also helped us become more proficient with our personal self defense skills, Me on behalf of my entire team is very thankful to Arun for sharing his skills & friendship with us."

Jordan Ruga, BJJ White Belt, USA

"When I climbed the steps up to the the urban rooftop gym, I had no Idea what to expect. I had been invited to the gym to do a little BJJ with a friend. When we entered the patio, I couldn't help but feel like I was in a Bruce Lee movie, with the sounds of traffic down below and the sun setting behind the sea of buildings by which we were surrounded. And when we started training, I was blown away by not only the dedication and skill of Arun and his crew, but also by their sincerity, professionalism, and kindness. Arun has a solid ground game and an impeccable striking repertoire possessed only by true masters. If you're in Delhi (living or just visiting), Arun is the go-to guy for the fighting arts. I thank him for his great hospitality and will certainly be back. Cheers to a great Sifu and true Guru!"

Ryan Navarro, BJJ Blue Belt under Team Alliance, Brazil

"Arun is an amazing teacher with deep knowledge & understanding of Martial Arts, i learned a lot while i was training with him.  His BJJ skills are world class."