BJJ For Girls (Rape Safe & Women Empowerment)

BJJ For Women's Safety & Self Defense
Arun Sharma Teaching BJJ & Self Defense at Samsung
Not all women are small or weak, just like not all men are large and strong. Regardless, most people are not large enough to overpower someone with larger than them with brute strength, and the majority of them are women. Does this mean it is hopeless for them if they are assaulted? Absolutely not! There are many martial arts designed for smaller people to prevail against larger. And, it has been done so before, so know that it is most definitely possible! 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of those systems. Taken and developed from Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (or Gracie Jiu Jitsu) was desgined by Helio Gracie, who was a very small man only just above 5 feet tall and around 140 pounds. Regardless of his little stature, Helio went on to defeat many large opponents in the ring. His sons, who were famous for defeating many, many different martial artists around the world, have also proven themselves against much larger opponents, especially on the Ultimate Fighting Championship, of which was founded by RorionGracie. This, above all else, attests to the ability to technique to prevail of brute strength, regardless of size. 

Arun Sharma Teaching at Samsung

However, there are also more practical reasons for learning Brazililian Jiu Jitsu specifically. Although there are many different stand up striking and grappling arts that allow for smaller persons to become powerful (such as Wing Chun, Judo, Eskrima, etc.), BJJ has something very unique to offer to girls and adult women. Rape is something many girls worry about, and it is a very real threat. Most sexual assaults happen to women by people they know, so it isn't always on the stereotypical dark alley. So even if a women does avoid shady looking situations, assault could still be a threat. 

Luckily, like I mentioned before, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the answer to that. It gives you experience in the one key place striking arts can't: the ground. And where does rape usually happen? It usually happens with the victim on her back. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is famous for it's ability to teach users how to actually use the dreaded bottom postion as a neutral or even offensive position. The guard, which is paramount to this, could mean life or death to a victim of sexual assault. Combined with practice and some more knowledge, a woman can successfully defend herself and either dismantle the attacker, or run away to help.

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Through this empowerment, women will also gain a sense of confidence and security, which will help them avoid confrontation just as much as it helps men. They will feel safer when walking through the parking lot to their cars, or when alone with a strange person. And as a bonus to it all, it will keep to fit and conditioned, so you'll be in shape, which has too many other benefits to name!